Class Descriptions

Stroller Strength Fitness

Get some fresh air while you get fit! The best part is baby gets the best seat in the house warm and cosy in the pram. This is a one hour class that intermixes walking, resistance exercises and mummy tummy toning all in one great class. Meet other mums, have fun and get fit.

Bring your Baby Yoga

Bring baby to lay on a mat beside you while you lengthen, strengthen and relieve your mind of stress. This is a postnatal specific Hatha Yoga class and is one hour long. It finishes with a lovely bit of relaxation at the end. A class designed to help you restore and heal.

Boxing Fitness

Join us and get fighting fit. This boxing based class will get your heart rate up and help you to de stress at the same time. We use real mitts and boxing pads to do different drills to tone up. Of course no class is complete without our famous mummy tummy toning at the end. A super high energy and fun class.